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Full End-to-End BPO Solutions

With a great combination of an innovative software solution and business expertise, Kronos offers to our clients a wide range of BPO Services.  Our solution is tailored to the airline’s unique requirements and focus on enhancing the data exposure to support key business decisions. 

Our team of experts will optimize the revenue accounting process to ensure on-time reporting of key information for strategic planning and analysis.   Kronos’s BPO Services will maximize the airline’s revenue accounting process, to allow the airline to focus on core operations and decision making.

Kronos BPO Services will efficiently process all sorts of documents and perform quality checks on the different data streams to ensure efficient and accurate reporting and accounting.  Some of the processes include:  Sales Processing & Reconciliation, Interline Quality Assurance, Sales Auditing, GDS Auditing, FOP Reconciliation, Flown Processing & Reconciliation, Customer Invoicing, Rejections and Agency Memos.

Interline Proration Engine

Kronos offers an industry standard fully-capable proration engine for the calculation, analysis, and  comparison of  multiple proration methodologies and strategies. The proration engine is used for the evaluation and detection of deviations in the interline billing process for incoming and outgoing transactions.



Business Intelligence Tools


Kronos’ experts have created a robust and flexible Business Intelligence tool that is capable of integrating to any cargo and passenger revenue accounting application.  Kronos’ Business Intelligence tool provides a powerful stream of information to all levels of airline management. 


Kronos’ Business Intelligence Tool has the capacity to provide immediate results from all the different channels, including:  sales, flown, revenue, interline, taxes, ancillary, misc. revenue, charter business, etc.  The graphical and chart visualization of data will facilitate compact and quick views to the company’s operations.  Using a combination of user friendly graphical views and data charts, provides the airline a powerful tool to use the dashboards for executive presentations and management reporting.


Our team of industry experts have designed a series of dashboards aligned to provide key information to the airline.  In addition, Kronos’ will work alongside the airline to design and construct comprehensive and information-rich modules to reflect key information for airline executives and department heads. 




Sales and Revenue Dashboards


Ancillary and YQ.YR Revenue Dashboards


Agency and tax Dashboards


KPI Dashboards


Report generation




Passenger Revenue Accounting

Kronos has established a solid partnership with ISO-Gruppe for the implementation and support of their SkyFly Revenue Accounting Solution.  SkyFly provides a robust, automated Passenger Revenue application that contains all the latest technology and industry requirements.  It is designed to expedite the complete revenue accounting operations while enhancing the capabilities of immediate revenue and sales reporting, all while still maintaining sales and revenue controls, accuracy and data integrity.  It also counts on comprehensive accounting module that creates a seamless integration to financial accounting.  The  Interline module automates the evaluation, proration and invoicing process to increase cash flow and protect the airline’s revenue.

Our solution is supported from our offices in Miami, Florida with extended support from Germany.  Our staff is fluent in Spanish and English. 


Fully Automated Sales Processing

Contains enhanced Sales Controls

Fully automated proration engine

Sales and Refunds audit functions


Payment Reconciliation functions


Full recognition of Ancillary sales and revenue


Fully Automated Flown Processing


Fully automated proration engine


Complete evaluation of flight coupons


Fully Automated Interline Processing


Fully Automated Proration and Invoicing


Automated SIS compliance


Rejection process and tracking


Ability to interface to all CRS. GDS, Flown data files


Ability to integrate to iiNet, SIS and WebLink applications


Ability to integrate to Financial Accounting Application


Recognition of Ancillary and YQ/YR Revenue


Comprehensive Accounting Module 



Sales Audit Module


The Sales Audit module provides revenue protection tools for the detection of under-collected fares and taxes and  tools for identifying over deductions in commissions. This module automates the generation of agency memos and provides robust mechanisms to improve external stakeholders practices. 

GDS Audit Module


Comprehensive and sophisticated module designed to lower GDS fees by the use of  "intelligent algorithms" to produce tangible results and  inject swiftly positive outcomes into the airline's bottom line. 

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