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Kronos Airline Solutions counts with over 20 years of airline industry experience working with airlines worldwide, ranging from start-ups, legacy, low-cost and network carriers and provides the knowledge domain and the specialized resources capable of supporting our airline clients in projects of different nature.


Established as a corporation in 2013, Kronos has built a robust network of clients and strategic partners to provide a unique value proposition. Kronos' results-driven approach bundles the latest airline technology suites together with the knowledge and execution skills of highly specialized personnel with a proven track record of delivering efficiency and concrete positive outcomes.


Kronos Airline Solutions' team is composed of staff with extensive exposure to the revenue accounting operations in various disciplines.  Our staff has experience working directly with Passenger Revenue Accounting, Auditing and Proration disciplines, as well as part of the software provider industry for revenue accounting applications.  Kronos' main offices are strategically located in Miami, Florida, as well as, an extended technical and support office in Nuremberg, Germany.  Our staff is fluent in various languages including English and Spanish.


Kronos flexible approach provides its services based on the need of our clients to ensure success and prompt delivery of positive results.  By defining the goals and milestones together with our clients, we focus our resources and solutions to achieve the 100% salitisfaction.  


Our mission is to establish long-term relationships with our customers through a sustained delivery of high quality standards in our solutions and support.  We offer world-class quality services and solutions under very competitive commercial agreements. Our main focus is to achieve a high ROI and mitigate risks in the project execution for our clients.


Several of our integration projects have involved the analysis, design and development of various applications such as Reservations, Ticketing, Departure Control and Flight Operations. Additionally, we have extensive experience in performing ad-hoc studies to leverage the position of the passenger revenue accounting application within the airline's business structure. 


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